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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Clients naturally ask us to explain how things work in the ever changing world of search engine optimizations. Here's some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is Keyword Mapping and How Does it Help With Rankings?

When you plan to optimize a website you're going to have a list of target keywords that you'll want your site to get ranked for. Each target keyword, which is usually a phrase, needs to be "mapped" to its own page. Your site's pages have a better chance of getting high rankings if they each focus their SEO on one primary keyword (phrase) per page. Google often gets confused on what page to rank if you feature the same keyword phrase at more than one page.

The primary goal is to first match the keywords that you chose to the text on each page. Using the Google Keyword Tool you can see which keywords get the highest traffic and map them to the most important pages.

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